André Rieu in Heidelberg

André Rieu the `King of Walz´gave two open-air concerts at the Corn Market in Heidelberg on 19/20th of September, 2009. They were recorded for German, Swiss and Austrian television. The lord mayor Dr. Würzner thanks André Rieu with flowers and the `Heidelberger student Kiss´.


Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung / 22. April 2009


Michelle Obama says Danke

Michelle Obama says `Thank you´ for the `Heidelberger Student Kiss´, Bild newspaper from 21st. April 2009

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Heidelberger Fencing-Club TSG Rohrbach

The winners were sweetened-up with a `Heidelberger Student Kiss´award. Heidelberger Fencing-Club TSG Rohrbach - German Championships - November 2007

Rugy team- year group 97-98- TSV Handschuhsheim- Friendship Game in Rodez/Frankreich im October 2009. The team presented as a gift the `Heidelberger Student Kiss´.

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`Studentkiss´for the adored´ RN newspaper- issue April 2008

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Küssen verboten! Nicht so in Heidelberg

The `Heidelberger Student Kiss is mentioned in many regional and foreign guide books, especially here in Merian live!

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`Das Magazin´from Heidelberg Cement- Edition 3- 2009

The world renowned firm, Heidelberg Cement, chose for its' customer magazine our `Heidelberger Student Kiss´emblem. Topic: Heidelberg, town with profile.

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View - Ausgabe Juli/2007

„Heidelberg with Natural and Cultural Atmosphere“

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`Haunting Heidelberg´
by Nancy Jane Lehmann Publisher
regional - culture Heidelberg 2008





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